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A white Windmill against a blue sky. Windmill in nature

At Virtair we know that the energy created by our gases is extremely important in powering industries that support every day lives. We can supply many different gases that support the ‘Energy’ Industry.

Sunrise above a chemical factory

At Virtair, we provide medical gases to the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry. We know that gases are extremely important and play a huge role in this industry which gives us great pleasure in knowing we are serving such a rewarding corporation

At Virtair we are experts in playing an important part in the field of civil construction and engineering work. Whether it’s commercial or residential, we have the right gas for you and your construction.

At Virtair we take care of your needs so you can take care of your patients. In an industry that touches all of our lives, we know our customers expect the highest quality medical gases — and that’s what we deliver.

US Capitol Building

At Virtair, we understand the critical role that government entities play in serving their communities. We specialize in providing essential gases that are indispensable for various functions within the government sector.

At Virtair, we deliver specialized gases for the aerospace sector, engineered to adhere to stringent environmental and safety benchmarks. From hydrogen for rocket propulsion to oxygen for combustion support, we…

At Virtair we know that fresh, well kept food and drink is very important. We provide gases needed to keep food and drink in perfect condition.

CNC Laser cutting of metal, modern industrial technology.

At Virtair we provide industrial gases that are used suitably in metal production. We provide many different gases such as Oxygen used to enrich air for increasing combustion…

Oil refinery facility tower

Refining is the process of purification. At Virtair we know that our expertise in this field is important in keeping you safe and helping your refinery succeed in today’s challenging environment.

Diving instructor showing the difference in colors underwater. deep dive

At Virtair we can help you breathe under water. We supply a safe breathing gas for use at ambient pressures below normal atmospheric pressure.

Water treatment plant for sewage waste water

At Virtair we know how much the oil and gas industry benefits our lives in so many ways. Our oil and gas support modern society every day; supplying energy to power industry and provide heat for our homes, supplying fuel for transport…