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    Empowering Both Clients and Employees

    Combined together we succeed every day in driving our business forward to make not only our clients and customers happy but our hard working employees too.

    If you have the skills we are looking for and would like to be apart of our close-nit and steadily growing company, why not browse our selection of jobs and apply today to be apart of our fantastic and hard working team.

    Thriving in a Supportive Environment

    At Virtair, we understand that a positive work environment directly impacts productivity and job satisfaction. Our company culture is built upon the principles of collaboration, respect, and support. We encourage open communication and value the input of every team member.

    By fostering a supportive atmosphere, we empower employees to voice their ideas, share their expertise, and actively contribute to the growth of the company. This not only enhances professional development but also creates a sense of belonging that drives individual and collective success.

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    Multiethnic team of doctors having team-building, looking at board

    Opportunities for Personal and Professional Growth

    Joining Virtair means embarking on a journey of continuous learning and growth. We are dedicated to nurturing the potential of our employees and helping them achieve their career aspirations. Through training, workshops, and mentorship programs, we provide the resources necessary for skill enhancement and personal development

    • Tailored Learning Paths: We offer personalized learning plans that cater to individual career goals and interests, ensuring your growth aligns with your aspirations.
    • Skill Enrichment Workshops: Regular workshops conducted by industry experts keep you updated with the latest trends and technologies, enhancing your skill set.
    • Mentorship Programs: Our experienced mentors provide guidance, share insights, and help you navigate your professional journey within the company.

    Respiratory Therapists not Getting Enough Hours? Dive into Full-Time & More at Virtair!

    You can email directly at or call at 718-847-8247.