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What We Do

Igniting Innovation with Oxygen Excellence

Breathing Life into Industry: Elevate Excellence with Virtair's Oxygen Expertise

Satisfied Clients

Join a vast community of satisfied customers who rely on Virtair’s exceptional gas solutions.

Years of Gas Expertise

With a legacy of more than two decades, Virtair leads in delivering quality gases and innovative solutions.


Gases, Rental Medical Equipment and Supplies, Staffing and Educational Services and Ventilator Unit Management.
VirtAir supplies a diverse range of gases tailored to various industries. From medical gases like Oxygen and Nitrogen to industrial gases such as Helium and Hydrogen, our extensive selection ensures that we have the right gas for your specific application.
Respiratory Therapists, Registered Nurses, LPN, and CNA.

Oxygen-related orders can be delivered the same day usually if needed.  

Respiratory equipment/supplies can be on the same day if needed and depending on location, but it is generally the next business day. 

We do not have a physical office in every state, rather, we have partners that can deliver our medical oxygen gas and respiratory equipment to your facility. 

The respiratory equipment/supplies always come from our New York warehouse. 

We offer any and all types of gaseous cylinders and Cryogenic solutions as well. 

We offer onsite Respiratory in-service education, cover all shifts, and have competency tests at the end of the session for all the attendees.  

We adhere to rigorous quality standards and regulations in producing, storing, and delivering medical oxygen gas. Our processes are designed to prioritize patient safety and product integrity. 

Virtair has a dedicated emergency response protocol in place to address any issues that may arise. Our technical support team is available 24/7 to assist you in managing emergency situations. We will work with you to quickly identify and resolve the issue so that you can get back to providing your patients with the care they need. 

We offer a seamless supply chain process to ensure uninterrupted access to medical oxygen gas & respiratory equipment. This includes timely delivery of oxygen gas, equipment maintenance, and responsive customer support. We generally provide 1-2 spare respiratory machinery for emergency use.