Automotive Industry

At Virtair, we play a very important role in helping our customers produce high quality automotive parts and equipment. The quality of a finished product depends on what happens during the production, it’s essential to make precise and accurate parts in order to create a high quality finished product. That’s where we come in, from Nitrogen and Argon used for welding automotive parts, to Helium that detects leaks in fuel systems, we have the right gas for you. We can supply any high quality industrial gas that will allow you to succeed in building a perfect quality finished machine.


At Virtair, we work hard in helping you drive your business forward!

You Matter To Us

At Virtair we offer an incredibly strong service and relationship with all of our customers, because you matter to us. Not only will you be provided with the most exceptional quality of gas for your industry, you will also be given the best price and have great pleasure in knowing you are part of an incredibly loyal and customer-friendly based company.

How to get started

If you know what you want and would like to get started or if you would just like a bit more advice on what we can do and how we work, all you need to do is get in touch.


We are a very friendly team and succeed every day in driving our business forward and making our clients very happy. We are always available to talk to you. You can use the contact details below to either meet us, call us or send us a message.

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